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Unit 9 Task 6

Unit 9 Task 5

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Evaluate the impact of evolving output mediums on the design and creation of graphic image.   D1 learners will research the ongoing changes in, and additions to, output media and the effect this has on the creation of graphic images. There is a huge impact of evolving output mediums on the creation of graphic images as […]

unit 2 task 3


Task 4

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Copyright is the right given to an author over his piece of work such as an image, which allows the owner to have control over how the work is used or copied. copyright allows a person of his produced product to be under his name so cannot be used for commercial use by others, such as a Disney character cannot be used for a beer advert without the permission from Disney first as they are wanting to use the characters for commercial use, to sell a product. if they have the permission from Disney then they are allowed to use the character’s, but if they don’t have permission but still use the images for selling a product then they will be braking the copyright law. Although a copyright work could be used for non commercial purposes such as a student may use for educational purposes so is allowed to use the copyright work as he is not going to use the work for commercial use.

One way to find out whether a graphical image can be reused is through identifying ownership, this is usually known by the name on the picture or the site it belongs to which helps it to identify whose work it is and is a useful guideline for copyrighting. Copyright also involves the gaining permission of the owner as any work which has the authors name on it or copyright to him need permission on to be used. In order to get permission of they author, they is usually a fee which needs to be paid as the author may feel that if the work is being used fro commercial use then he should get some money himself as it is his work that is used to sell a product. This also relates to taking permission of a person who is involved in the picture as it may be a photograph taken and should have the person who is in the pictures permission for the picture to be copyrighted.

Another process of copyright is copyright free which allows a person to download a picture for educational purposes or even commercial use as the author has given permission for the picture to be used for any purpose.

This video helps to explain what copyright is and what it is used for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2jmapccuK0

This is a site which also helps with the explaining of copyright :http://unit24graphics.blogspot.com/

this week we have been working on our prezi, as we are trying to complete task 3. we also had parents evening during this week in which we were told what improvements we need to make inorder to achieve higher grades.

during the week we also had to work on cooling fan, as we had to research about how they work, and what happens if it is not included into a computer. toward the eand of the week we had a test to see how much we had learned during the week.

my target for the week is to finish off task 3, improve my unit 1 tasks and do more research on the topic to get more knowledge.

Mondays lesson

on Monday we were set a new task in which we had to use our own knowledge on the types of hardware inside a computer and describe what each component is used for. we had used a min map in which we write what types of hardware there is in a computer (e.g RAM, soundcard and also video card) we then investigated a selection of internal components and wrote about them in more detail.

we also have to decide which hardware we are going to install as we have to decide why we are going to install a new hardware and for what purpose.

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